\ ˈkər-ənt , ˈkə-rənt \

a small seedless raisin originally grown chiefly in the eastern Mediterranean
the acid edible fruit of various shrubs (genus Ribes) placed in either the saxifrage or gooseberry family also : a plant bearing currants
the last tool you will ever need to manage package deprecations, upgrades, regressions, or end-of-life

What is Kurynt?

Kurynt is a package analyzer that works for your entire organization. For any third party or internal code, rapidly manage critically needed upgrades, regressions in new versions, and security warnings. Kurynt works with any package manager including NPM, NuGet, Composer, pip, and many more and can also run its powerful parsers and models against any codebase stored in GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab.

Kurynt v1.0.0